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Taiwan Innovators to unveil smart tech at CES 2020
Kicking off the new decade with a bang, the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), Taiwan’s foremost trade promotion organization, will provide a first look at breakthroughs from some of Taiwan’s most innovative companies poised to lead the current AIoT trend. 
At the January 6th press conference at CES 2020, AI and facial recognition pioneer CyberLink, deep learning and computer vision firm Mindtronic AI, image product design firm Ultracker Technology, and electric vehicle (EV) charging technology systems developer Noodoe EV will showcase products that have the potential to dramatically improve daily life – for everyone around the world. 

These trail-blazing products – FaceMe®, the top facial recognition engine for smart apps, an AI automotive cockpit that keeps drivers safe, a virtual tour camera for 360 photo-taking, and an EV charging station that transforms parking centers into revenue generators – are breakthroughs to be unveiled in the backdrop of a host of innovations launched in Taiwan this year. 

Taiwan, known for its key role in the information technology global supply chain, pulsates with an invigorating atmosphere for manufacturers, startups, and product designers. Taiwan’s many cutting-edge AIoT innovations, exemplified by four presenting companies – also winners of the prestigious Taiwan Excellence Award or CES Innovation Award – will be unveiled at “Smart Tech, Smart Future: Taiwan Innovations for 2020 & Beyond” CES press conference: 

1. CyberLink – FaceMe®

CyberLink will feature FaceMe® showing off even more of its facial recognition capabilities. A top facial recognition engine, FaceMe® enables new and innovative applications spanning authentication, access control, safety, security, and visitor analytics. The company will also show off facial recognition in kiosks for mobile payments and home security.


2. Mindtronic AI – AI Automotive Cockpit

Redefining the future of driving, Mindtronic’s digital cockpit is designed for advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) that show new levels of user experience and interaction with AI functionality. It’s a bridge between safety, convenience, and comfort. It employs high quality biometric technology for a luxury user experience and interactions, and a Driver Monitoring System (DMS) for evaluating a driver’s cognition to bridge with ADAS for a seamless handover between human and self-driving. The cockpit detects distraction, fatigue, and unresponsiveness in real time to raise alerts and predict behavior. 

3. Ultracker – Virtual Tour Camera

A virtual tour is only as effective as the quality of photography used within it. Unlike traditional photography, 360 image capture can accurately portray a location’s unique differentiators and provide a clear view of intricate details. Ultracker’s Aleta S2C is a 360 camera that can capture 12K (66-megapixel) 360 photos and shoot 360 video in 4K. With one of the highest photo resolutions on the market, it is emerging as the virtual tour camera of choice and is ideal for commercial and interior design photography. 

4. Noodoe EV – EV Charging Stations

Used in 110 countries, Noodoe transforms parking lots and traditional charging stations into smart EV charging locations that generate additional revenue. At the heart of the Noodoe EV S1000 station is an advanced cloud-based operating system serving as the "brain" that automates the 24/7 service delivery and universal payment processing. Any EV driver can charge their vehicle, and select their preferred payment method, without having to set up an account. As automotive centers and repair shops begin servicing the growing number of electric vehicles on the roads, shops can install EV charging stations to ensure that customers leave in a fully charged vehicle after repairs. 

On Monday, January 6th, TAITRA will host the press conference at the Mandalay Bay South Convention Center, Oceanside Ballroom F, Level 2, in Las Vegas from 3pm to 4pm. The event will provide early access to these innovative companies’ spokespeople and their products. Media representatives are encouraged to register in advance or to request one-on-one media interviews here.

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Throughout CES 2020, TAITRA will showcase some of Taiwan’s best in information and communications technologies at the Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall 4, #36021. The Taiwan Excellence team and respective company representatives will demonstrate the latest advancements in AIoT and more. Follow us on 
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