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Eximbank’s Relending Facility

Relending Facility is a program aimed to facilitate foreign importers to purchase goods from Taiwan. It is a bank-to-bank arrangement by which our bank, The Export-Import Bank of the Republic of China (Eximbank) extends a credit line to overseas financial institutions (Relending Banks), in support of financing their clients’ importation from Taiwan exporters. The foreign importers apply to the Relending Banks for loans used to purchase products sold by Taiwan exporters. Subsequently, the Relending Banks can make drawdowns from Eximbank against the loans made to the importers. Under the structure of Relending Facility, Eximbank undertakes the credit risk of the Relending Banks, while the Relending Banks undertake the credit risks of the importers.

Floating interest rates are applied to eligible transactions under the Relending Facility. Financial institutions who are interested in establishing a Relending Facility Agreement are welcome to send Eximbank an application letter along with annual reports for the past three years to join the scheme. 
Please see attached file for main features of Relending Facility.

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